Providing a Cyber Ready 365 (24/7/365) Posture

The Problem

The Department of Defense (DoD) faces several cyber security challenges when it comes to ensuring only authorized devices are connected and operating on enterprise networks. Today, many of the DoD services, Combatant Commands, and Fourth Estate Services have manual processes in place to determine and report their current Cyber Scores. Even with tools such as ACAS, SCCM, Tanium, and HBSS (ESS) organizations are still manually sifting through these applications to try and determine, with some level of accuracy, their current cyber hygiene posture.


The Three Wire Solution

ComplyVue aims to automate the process of determining an overall cyber hygiene posture through integration with each of the aforementioned tools and then presenting the results in an integrated single-pane of glass and orchestrated dashboard.

Team Three Wire Systems was put on contract in September of 2018, to deploy the ForeScout Comply to Connect (C2C) & Continuous Monitoring (CM) as a Managed Service in support of a United States Air Force (USAF) Network Operations Security (NOS) activity. Additionally, we also supported the USAF in other efforts such as an assessment of the Forescout C2C solution in a multi-base 12-month project that yielded numerous discoveries of the different network topologies and process in preparation for USAF’s move towards DoD compliance for C2C implementation.

We continue to enhance our ComplyVue application to help our customers meet DoD and cyber requirements, mitigating the manual time-intensive process to prepare, support and significantly improve CCRI results. 

  • One-click-one-chart CCRI report
  • Real-time CCRI status
  • Identify the various Categories of Vulnerabilities

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