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A unique method for storing, archiving, retrieving, protecting, analyzing, transferring and marking mission data.

The exponential growth of data maintained by most DoD organizations is far exceeding their ability to manage that data. The days of using bulky filing cabinets packed with paper copies is quickly disappearing and being replaced by digital storage solutions. While conceivably more effective, these data stores present new challenges. For instance, digital data is often mixed and mis-labeled, leading to an increased risk of information spills and improperly stored data.

The Three Wire Solution

Three Wire Systems, LCC. partnered with Commvault® has developed a unified data management solution combined with expert-level integration that overcomes organizational challenges in meeting data management goals. But make no mistake - the proposed software technology will perform all of the useful functions described in our Data Management whitepaper, however, without addressing the human factor of the equation, no data management solution will be effective. That is why Three Wire Systems not only provides stellar systems training and integration support, but also user training and assistance with the organizational and cultural changes necessary to fully and properly manage your organization’s data.

Why Choose Three Wire Systems?

  • Our focused approach to data and information management, as well as our ability to respond to customer feedback drives the functionality and features of our products
  • We provide our customers with reduced operating costs through a variety of methods, including fast application deployment, reduced training time, lower cost of storage media consumables, proactive monitoring and analysis, and lower administrative overhead.
  • Automated movement of data from higher cost to lower-cost storage devices, and through sharing and better utilization of storage resources across the enterprise.

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