Adopting VDI as an element of an organizational enterprise “Cloud Ready” strategy.

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An Increased interest has recently emerged towards the significant benefits of cloud computing, and enterprise adoption is finally taking place. Deloitte’s most recent CIO survey identifies 53% of organizations having cloud guidelines and strategies in place, and 94% recognize they need to substantially change their IT operating models. In spite of these realities, “technical complexity” still represents the primary challenge to shifting to a cloud-enabled organization. 

The Three Wire Solution

At Three Wire Systems, LLC. we work closely with organizations, both large and small, to provide secure, well-designed, and modernized IT infrastructures. Many organizations don't realize the level to which VDI has matured into a very smart set of solutions that assist in smoothing the transition from hardware clients to a more secure, robust, cloud-ready digital environment. Our whitepaper will present a clear road map to get the right solution in place for your organization with the assistance of Three Wire Systems’ experts.

What are the Benefits of VDI?

  • Significantly more secure, reliable, and consistent user experience
  • Near ubiquitous access to the same user applications and files, no matter the location or endpoint device being used
  • The flexibility to manage and deploy applications remotely to numerous clients
  • Simplified and centralized device & access management

Why Choose Three Wire Systems?

  • Three Wire Systems has experienced military veterans with real-world expertise in solving some of the most difficult technical challenges experienced within the DoD.
  • Three Wire Systems has strong partnerships with a number of OEM vendors and software providers that produce best of breed products used by many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Three Wire Systems delivers the Right Insights with the Right Outcomes

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